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Welcome to Aeyons

Aeyons enables access to your own online experience to inspire your music

Aeyons has uniquely optimised technology and features that enable musicians and music lovers to access their communities, for teachers to teach and for learners to learn, providing peace of mind and integrity of sound.

To start your experience, are you...


Looking for LESSONS?

Explore the world of Aeyons and discover a community of incredible musicians, teachers, DJs, dance music artists, producers, conductors and soloists waiting to help you on your musical journey.

Search through our community for the right musician to inspire your music.


Looking to TEACH others?

Explore your world of Aeyons with access to a global network of students, built for musicians by musicians to help you inspire your students.

Apply to join our growing community and offer your skills to the musical world.


Looking for a secure environment for your learning activities?

The Aeyons Learning Hub, uniquely customised for your organisation, provides a first-class audio and visual platform for your coaches, students, teachers and families to connect in real time with each other.

Contact us to discuss your needs to customise a solution for you

Aeyons instrumental teacher

Aeyons has the solution.

We take the hassle out of the process by finding the right teacher and we provide a high quality platform for conducting lessons online.

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